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First Entry: A little bit about Dögenigt

Hi fellow avant-gardiste, passionate tinckler or abstract thinking composer. Whoever you are, I guess you must hold some sort of interest for weird sound and electronically generated music.
I'd like to tell you a little bit about what I do.

In november 2011 I applied for an education here in Denmark under The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. As the only Music Academy in Denmark, they have a department for studies in electronic music. Each year, a small handful of composers are picked out, to attend DIEM (Danish Institute of Electronic Music) where there's classes in acoustics, aesthetics, studio technique and general guidance and support for each student by a personal "mentor".

At the point of my application, I'd been making a lot of electronic music - for nearly 10 years - and in 2008 my artistic outlet culminated with 5 releases under my former alter ego, 'Sövnigt Sind'.

(All Sövnigt Sind releases are available for download and streaming here:)

But I got tired of making these fixed arrangements on my computer with which I couldn't do anything but press on the play-button on stage, so I started looking into Max/MSP - I have a friend who's a mastermind with patching in Max - and got pretty good at building the software I wanted.
Here's some recordings I did with my patches, under my 'Paleorama' project.
Paleorama on Soundcloud

I searched for ways to control my patches with controllers, to get a tactile connection with my music, looked into the MidiBox project, which was quickly getting mentally replaced with an Arduino board (with a nice 10-bit resolution), then I fell in love with DIY electronics, effect boxes and circuit boards in all shapes and shades, which gave me these unpredictable and "authentic" sounds that I felt the computer lacked a bit of.

Basically one thing led to another, and I decided to shoot a video for my application to DIEM, showing my journey away from the computer as a fixed composition-machine to an instrument which spits out unique sound every time you "pick it up" - just like any other instrument one would play.
Here's the video I applied with.


In march, while I was travelling Nepal, I received a mail from the academy saying that I was amongst the 4 persons they decided to let in this year! That made my journey so much better! Right now, I've been attending for about 2 months and it's a just the perfect setting for my musical and artistic process right now.
Thank your for your time! Stay tuned.

Dani Dögenigt

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