onsdag den 7. november 2012

An electromagnetic week with Christina Kubisch

A month ago, we had Christina Kubisch visitting the academy for a workshop during the week. She'd brought her custom made headphones with induction coils and some special amplifiers which allows the person wearing the headphones this temporary ESP of all the hidden magnetic fields constantly surrounding the urban population. In other words, the coils pick up the electromagnetic radiation from various electronic devices, powerlines, generators etc. and translate it into audiable signals for the listener.

Listening to LED commercials with Kubisch and Kaj
It turns the city into one giant instrument, or a stage with various objects one can wander around and listen to. Cash machines become vintage syntheseizers, supermarkets turn into weird alien spaceships and everything with lightbulbs or LEDs become morse-codish messages.

The first day, was spent on trying out the equipment and getting to know the interesting places in Aarhus. The next days we drew maps for 'Electric Walks' for each other. Making compositions with the city, plotting in several hot spots worth listening to.

Electric Walk Map drawn for train station and shopping center.

We recorded each walk and combined them into one giant compostion, and it actually turned out really well! The sounds created harmonies with each layer. Then we made a compostion each, with the best material according to us. At friday night we held a minor venue where people could listen to the compositions we'd made with the sounds from the workshop.

Here's my composition:

Veins of The Robot by dogenigt

It includes sounds from ATM's, parking-ticket machines, trainstations, cars, hi-fi stores, automatic stairs in shopping malls etc. Thanks to Christina for a very interesting workshop!

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