mandag den 21. januar 2013

Tracker software on Nintendo DS

I was chilling in bed with my Nintendo DS which I got of a friend some years ago. I checked for various ways one could use it in musical ways. I came across NitroTracker for NDS, based on Fasttracker II - a very nostalgic piece of software from the glorious Amiga days!

The neat thing about using this with the NDS is that you can record samples on the fly with the internal microphone. I made a quick little composition entirely with my voice. Transposing the samples creates very cool bit rate reduction effects. The beat is a bit sketchy at some points, I found out after I upped it to soundcloud.
Well, it's nothing serious - just fooling around. Enjoy :)

NDS Track: Voicean by dogenigt

fredag den 18. januar 2013

Cacophonator for Christmas

I wanted to give my brother a present for christmas, as he's always very good at finding gifts for others and I thought he was in need of a delicious little noise box for his new home. I find he has a good tactile connection with knobs and sensitive ears and he's usually good at petting my other toys.

So I thought I would support my friends at Dimsos, they're putting together DIY kits and throwing workshops in soldering and building of these simple little noise devices.
For my brother I picked the 'Cacophonator' (the term is a mix of cacophony, meaning harsh or dissonant sound, and oscillator) which is based on the 40106 hex schmitt trigger. The two larger knobs in the top are starve pots, for starving the synth of power which creates these bizzarre patterns and squeeks. The 6 smaller knobs are all controls for each oscillator on the chip.
I used diodes for mixing the output, so it has this ring modulation like sound to it.

Here's a video of my brother and I toying around with it:

I've also been recording some sounds from it directly from the output for your listening pleasure ;)

And here's the layout I used from Dimsos :

lørdag den 12. januar 2013

Passive Ring Modulator

During the holidays, I've had quite a few projects going on - some later to be revealed, some finished. Among them is this neat little passive ring modulator, only consisting of 2 audio transformers and a few diodes; no power needed!

It's a quick and dirty design, and the result is as wanted: the classic ring modulation sound!

Here's a demo with a theremin and a 'Vibrati Punk Console' (APC with Saw LFO), designed by my dear friends at Dimsos.

I also tried combining my 'Vibrati Punk Console' with the Wavetable Synth and I got these very nice slowly modulating spheres. My friend is starting up a noise label and asked for some material and I sent him this recording of the beforementioned constellation. Thanks for listening!

Døgenigt - Entraining Patterns by harshnoiseensembledenmark

And for anyone interested, here's a DIYLC layout for soldering to stripboard: