lørdag den 12. januar 2013

Passive Ring Modulator

During the holidays, I've had quite a few projects going on - some later to be revealed, some finished. Among them is this neat little passive ring modulator, only consisting of 2 audio transformers and a few diodes; no power needed!

It's a quick and dirty design, and the result is as wanted: the classic ring modulation sound!

Here's a demo with a theremin and a 'Vibrati Punk Console' (APC with Saw LFO), designed by my dear friends at Dimsos.

I also tried combining my 'Vibrati Punk Console' with the Wavetable Synth and I got these very nice slowly modulating spheres. My friend is starting up a noise label and asked for some material and I sent him this recording of the beforementioned constellation. Thanks for listening!

Døgenigt - Entraining Patterns by harshnoiseensembledenmark

And for anyone interested, here's a DIYLC layout for soldering to stripboard:


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