onsdag den 13. februar 2013

Concerto for (Dual) Floppy Disc Drives

I was asked by a fellow DIEM-student (Kaj Duncan David), who's arranging avant garde, electro-acoustic and experimental concerts, if I could bring my "Floppy Tape Delay" for a concert.

 As you might've read in the post below, I've been preparing my second drive for the gig, with motor speed control and "scrubbing" the stepper motor with a rotary encoder.
So I decided to bring my first drive with the new one and have them run at different speeds in each speaker for weird Steve Reich-ish phase loops and to combine different frequency spectras on the mixer from each drive; i.e. using the lower frequencies from one floppy and the high from the other.

Picture by Jesper Kold

I lacked a decent amplifier for the new drive (it was just running through this Radioshack mini amp and further into the mixer) so it was quite noisy. I kinda liked these very noisy brushes from the gained amp but in the future I will build a small amp circuit for it, as well as the whole arduino controlled stepper motor thing.

My brother brought his camera, once again to get it all on tape. The whole show is there, you might want to jump around for interesting parts if you're not on downers or feel like wasting some time.

Thanks for listening/watching!

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