søndag den 17. februar 2013

The Himalaya Spirit Photos

I did some experimentation with a rather new experimental film for Polaroid cameras which I got of The Impossible Project. I got 4 600-films which I wanted to bring to my trek in the Nepalese himalaya mountains last spring for some cool shots.
I guess the last pair of films weren't kept under optimal conditions so some of the critical chemicals involved in the developing of the images leaked or got twisted up in some way which resulted in these bizzare distortions and scrambling of the final images and I decided to name this series The Himalaya Spirit Photos.
I think they could go for some neat cover material or artwork for future releases or just Soundcloud images for various tracks. The weird repeating patterns on the last two images is some sort of chemical leakage which stuck to the rollers that sends out the instant picture and it was printed onto the image.

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