lørdag den 16. marts 2013

8" Floppy Disc Drive for future experimentation

Hi g33kers and Tw33kers, it's been a while. I have a lot of projects going on which I can't wait to show off! But they aren't quite ready yet as I feel best about one larger post for every finalized project.
One thing I have for you though is this newly aquired piece of vintage hardware for a future audio project:

An IBM 8" Floppy Disc Drive from 1971!

This thing is HUGE and the parcel was heavy as F! (shipping cost me more than the drive itself!)
 Look at the size comparison with that nifty little 3.5" FDD!

I am still in doubt about how to approach this - my goal is clear though: connect the cables from the "tape head" to an audio amp and be able to control the motors (stepper and spindle) as with the other drives.

This is a bit different though.
The spindle motor for spinning the disc is, as far as I am informed, driven off 400V. The stepper motor says 24V, and I've read 5V somewhere around the web. On the PCB, theres a traditional connector for floppy IDE ribbon cables.
The heads have nice accesible wires going the PCB, so it will be extremely easy to extend some wires to the audio amp! That way we can keep this antique piece of computer hardware intact.
Bigger is sometimes better, when it comes to hardware hacking!
Stay tuned!

Close-up of the heads with the wires.
PCB with nice big DIP ICs and large components!

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  1. This is a really amazing and inspiring project! You are right: when hacking, bigger (& earlier) is better! :D