tirsdag den 14. maj 2013

Snaps from the Lab

I thought I wanted to show you a few shots from where it's all going down - I am located in Aarhus, the 2nd largest city in Denmark, just on the brink of the old Moesgaard forest where I enjoy taking walks and getting in tune with my ancestors.
At home I use our bedroom/office for tinkering and chilling, my lovely woman is very tolerant of the mess I tend to make. My brother dropped by on my 27th birthday with his new fisheye-lense and got some great shots of me in my natural habitat.

To the far right, I've placed my Amiga 600 - a must have memento for the g33ks of the 90's
Caught in the act: at the top shelves are my first tape deck ever, a reel-to-reel tape recorder and an old sine-oscillator
Sending audio signal to small television hacked into an oscilloscope (look in post beneath for how-to)
The sine wave oscillator is a donation from a friend's dad who's a physics teacher. Think it's from the 50's/60's.

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