mandag den 16. december 2013

Live concert in cold war dome bunker

This autumn, several empty or unused spaces in Aarhus were turned into cultural platforms, amongst them were a minor cold war dome bunker where artists from DIEM were invited to perform a handful of intimate concerts for a small crowd. The event collided perfectly with the finalizing of my MicroWaveSampler - so my setup consisted of that, my Microcassette Tape Delay and my Spring Reverb Module. I borrowed my brother's GoPro Cam to record the concert from my POV.

Concert program folder showing inside of the dome

I'd recorded a sample bank for the MWS from instruments and other acoustic sources in my studio (the same samples used in this track) which brought a strange shamanistic and mystical vibe into the bunker. The lower frequencies, mostly from the shaman's drum-samples, resonated quite a lot in the room which you can hear in the video.
I didn't bother to tame the spectrum, I knew the room would be quite unique with some heavy room modes so I chose to embrace this and get a natural communion going with the dome. Improvising was nice because it allowed me to adjust to the surroundings.

Snapshot of my setup

I brought my crappy behringer mixer to be able to control the signal path and mix between dry/wet. But basically the main sources were the (microwave)sampler and a simple contact-mic bass-guitar which were sent to the mixer and then sent via a 'send' channel to the Tape Delay, back into the mixer and via the other send channel to the spring reverb. The reverb has dry/wet control built in so I could control the amount of reverb - which was convenient at times as the spring started oscillating very easily. I enjoyed the concert a lot, and it was quite exciting to perform with this setup!

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