tirsdag den 12. august 2014

Compositions on Bandcamp

Hi lovely people! Hope you're enjoying your summer.
I've created a bandcamp store where you can get some of my releases in lossless format.
Some of the compositions might appear on a future debut album, which I intend to release online and on a physical medium which will be quite different from your typical CD/LP format.

Link to my bandcamp is found by clicking on 'Releases' in the top menu.

The latest track I've finished is called Plate Phonetics and consists of recordings of cuts and scratches on blank phono records which gives weird rhytmic patterns. On top of it I've added some tones with feedback oscillator (Derek Holzer's soundbox) and recording of my homemade string instrument.

The other tracks available so far, you might've heard on my soundcloud. They are 'Subtlle Visit' composed during a meditation and creativity workshop with Kim Cascone and 'Veins of The Robot' composed with Christina Kubisch during a workshop with her on DIEM where we brought her electromagnetic headphones in the city of Aarhus.
'Entraining Patterns' is made solely from homemade equipment: the wavetable synth, Vibrati Punk Console and passive ring mod. There's also a composition made with The MicroWaveSampler.