torsdag den 4. september 2014

Aristoteles Logic Synth Update #3: Divider (simple)

The Aristoteles 'Lunetta' synth project is slowly but steadily going in the right direction. Here's the first of the two 4040 divider modules, demonstrated in the vid below.

Here's a scheme for the willing - simple and self-explanatory!

To explain this simple circuit in a simple way, it's taking any clock output from the other modules and counting 2^n times before setting the output HIGH - 2, 4, 8, 16 and so on - up to 2^12 times, that is 4096 clocks before setting the output high.

That's quite a division, so a high frequency is needed if one wants oscillations in the audio range. Otherwise it's great for turning audio range signals into LFO clocks. All in all, it's a very musical chip as it creates sub-octaves, which are relations of a factor of 2 to the input frequency.

I was flipping through Roads' Computer Music Tutorial one evening and began to read up upon the very first digital systems with flip-flop logic gates and discovered that the method of dividing down a master clock to acheive other tones is ancient! So-called 'divide-down tone synthesis' was discovered in 1930 so this method is almost a century old!

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