fredag den 12. september 2014

Composition for Acoustic Sequencer

I was invited by Acoustic Sequencing to make a composition for their installation called 'Galathea', which is a camping wagon filled with electric motors hitting on the interior and various instruments inside.
They are powered by an arduino with a power relay shield - controlled by Max, turning MIDI notes into serial commands.

My composition in the demo video below I chose to call 'Polterwagen' inspired by a poltergeist possessing an entire house and making noise with the interior. A better recording should come soon, this is just a promo for those who can make it to Aarhus Sound Festival 2014 this weekend where Galathea is installed.

It was good fun to compose for a "robot orchestra", trying out the different notes in the sequencer to see which note I should press to trigger a certain motor. With Polterwagen I was sort of pushing the limits of the equipment. The "drumkit" consists of motors hitting on a seat, a tin can, a spring and opening the fridge door! Then there are numerous motors on a xylophone and a child piano. There's also a note controlling a smoke machine and the fire alarm has been hacked as to play melodies. Very balstyrical project!

Solenoids on xylophone
Solenoid hitting on spring

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