fredag den 26. september 2014

Solder Timer

My friend Carl Dimsos has designed a nifty way to make sure you don't forget to turn off your hot soldering iron, so he made this Solder Timer (danish: lodde-timer) with a small ATtiny85 microprocessor, basically a very small version of your beloved Atmega (DIP) chip you find in the arduino.
The potentiometer sets the count-down time before the USB-power to the power socket gets turned off. The switch below resets the timer/turns it on or off. LED's are indicating whether the power to the socket is on or off.
Solder timer with soldering iron
The timer
I am very pleased with the finish and I love this tool for our workshop! It's so convenient just to push a switch to turn on your soldering iron instead of fumbling with the power cord every time.

You can get the Solder Timer Kit from DimsOs - they have a webpage dedicated to this project on
You can obtain the pre-programmed ATtiny85 from DimsOs. The usb-power socket might be a bit tricky to get your hands on outside Denmark, but maybe eBay. If not, write me and I will help out.

Carl's Prototype Timer
Vero board layout

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