tirsdag den 21. januar 2014

Greeting Card Sampler Boxed

I finally got to finish up my project seen in this previous post: Voice Message Greeting Cards turned into Lo-Fi Sampler. It's the 'voice message recordable greeting card' I hacked into a small looper with playback speed bend, now in a neat little encasing I found in a thrift shop. I think it's a intercom from the 70's, quite nice.

The video shows the features which are: potentiometer for varying the playback speed, switch for selecting loop mode, red button on the side is for restarting the device, which re-triggers the message, switch for selecting between the inputs - electret mic or input jack, jack for sending output to an amplifier and in the bottom are two banana jacks which allows you to control the device with a vactrol or light sensor, or any other resistive sensor :)

I had a very nice day at the FabLab's Maker's Day in Copenhagen, where I held a small symposium and a koncert with my current setup. One of the guys from CEO Bendorama who also played, got a recording of my concert - which includes the Greeting Card Sampler. (Thanks John!)