torsdag den 15. januar 2015

Aristoteles Logic Synth Update #4: Logic Gates

I thought it was time for building the next module for dear Aristoteles, my 'lo-fi logic synth project' so I did the logic gate module which consists of 8 AND gates with 2 inputs and an LED for the output. The truth table on the right describes how the gate will behave: the output only goes high (1) when both inputs are high. The result is a very simple form of amplitude modulation, or it can be used to control the path of signals from the other modules with counters or LFO's, you name it. 

The video below speaks for itself.

In the video I demonstrate the effect of the 3 different frequency ranges on the oscillators: LFO range signals are good for 'letting through' audio range signals at a certain rate for "beep beep beep beep" sounds. 2 audio range signals will generate complex pulsating modulations and beatings when adjusting the pulse width.
Setting the range to the high pitched setting on both oscillators will generate classic vintage radio-like modulation squeeks. I also tried using the 'octave divider module' for one of the inputs which has its own unique sound.

I chose to have all the logic gates as AND gates. For a long time I was in doubt about wether to have a pair of XOR or NAND gates just for the hell of it but I could not find a good reason as they don't do much sound-wise where as the AND gate is so clear in its function and I want to be able to make complex signal paths with counters, dividers, random clocks and all eight oscs - all controlling each other through the gates. 
I am already starting on the 10-step counter 'cause I cannot wait to have each step 'open' a unique oscillator with different frequencies!

The circuit is very simple, I basically just wired the in- and outputs straight to the 4081 but attached 100K resistors on each pin to prevent static electricity from the end of the wires going into the chip when patching.
LED's are controlled by transistors as always to prevent voltage dropping on the outputs.

I had my brother a.k.a. SNU over and he fell in love with the new module which resulted in hours of wiggling.
Here's a a little peak of the tweak :-)

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