tirsdag den 6. januar 2015

Terrestrial Signals III Live concert @ DIEM Elektro 'Pulse'

A late happy solstice to all of ye - I have been ind bed for most of the holidays, guess my body and mind was in need for some rest, it's hard work wanting to do you own thing and the following concert you are about to witness required a lot of planning and soldering.
I found out I was booked to play at the next of DIEM's obligatory student concerts 'DIEM Elektro' - this specific concert was called 'Pulse' so I prepared some pulsating light-controlled rhytms with a hacked monotron, using only the nice korg filter with a photoresistor, clock-synced to the notorious MicroWaveSampler by my Clock Box. I included my electromagnetic plasma ball synth described in the post below. I was pretty content with the outcome although some of my gear failed a bit, including my little TV-to-sound device. To much noise on the line to gain it. Anyways, please check out the video - it was shot by my brother Alec Sander and with his GoPro Hero camera attached to my head so you get the P.O.V. close up shots from my perspective. Enjoy!

I have a line of projects planned for this year, as I am writing my bachelor project which I think will focus on alternative media for releasing album material, more to come on that. After the last concert I finally chose to sucumb to the idea of a modular system instead of all these seperate modules which has to be wired together on set, it's too much hazzle every time I need to set up for a concert so now I will jump into building a complete modular system with the same principles used so far: analog means of sampling, tape delays and quirky little circuits. Stay tuned!

Lot of love, Dogenigt

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