søndag den 15. februar 2015

Dögenigt @ Mayhem: Noise Convention #1, 18/10/2014

I just received this footage from the Noise Convention last year on Mayhem, Copenhagen. The video is not very long but there's audio recording from the mixer of the full concert if anyone's interested.

mandag den 9. februar 2015

Roberta the Robot v0.1 (voice recognition test)

I want to show you a cute little side-project I am currently brewing on. It's going to be a robot with a
voice recognition shield for Arduino (EasyVR 2.0 Shield). The idea is to have a fully functioning voice controlled robot able to control power relays with motion tracking servo motors for the neck and arms.
Right now I am testing the voice recognition out with responds in both english and danish.

The final idea is shown in the drawing to the right. There will be a lot of challenges involved if I am going to realize all the ideas. I will need a little help from my friends.

lørdag den 7. februar 2015

DIEM Analog Synth Workshop 2015

Just a few shots from this weeks analog synth workshop with Henrik Munch on DIEM.

Henrik explaining the VCO
Random CV from  S/H module
The Roland System-100M
Close up of the System 100M
Syncing tempo with drum machine
The iconic TB-303
Learning to use Oberheim Xpander
Jamming with the gear