onsdag den 10. august 2016

Hi guys, currently I am on my holiday so just taking it all in and I've been a bit away from the workbench.
Here's a little catch-up.

My wooden modular project is slowly pacing away, the first module - the main console - has got its frontplate in 5mm clear acryllic mounted with the TVs steadily fixed on the little wooden shelf.
The idea is to have the monitors as in kind of a cockpit/main console where I can monitor various things like input voltage, temperature in the case, run time and date etc. via my Arduino Uno + TellyMate Shield.
The left CRT has been made into a TV-oscilloscope for the main out (stereo) signal.

Still with the protection on and no holes drilled yet.
After finishing the holes and the jacks and pots on.
Finished front plate in lighting.

In the dark, all systems go!

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