lørdag den 4. februar 2017

DIY Modular #2: Nixie tubes for VU meters.

I want to give you a brief insight in the progress I am making on my wooden modular project.
I've already shown you the CRT-module(s) as visual feedback. I want to have a 4-channel summing mixer for all the the different outputs from the various modules and I thought it would be nice to have a VU meter for each channel to be able to monitor signal activity - and why not have nixie 'magic eye' tubes for just that!

The outputs from each channel is going to be sent to the main stereo output module through pan pots to create a stereo field. The main output module has two 100mm faders for left and right channel and for visual feedback two IN-13 nixie VU meter tubes are installed.

The technical aspects and circuit details of the modules will be covered further when I am done connecting it all. Below is a video of all the tubes (CRTs included) running together for the first time. The input signal is Boards of Canada's "Davyan Cowboy" :]